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We sell machines suited to the home or small office, with a view to expanding our range in the near future.


We can inspect your machine to determine if any maintenance or repair is required.


We can perform maintenance tasks to keep your machine humming along nicely.


If your machine needs a little TLC, no problem. We know what to do to get your machine back to it’s normal best.

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Mobile 021-241-8817 | Phone 04-391-2741

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Pick up and delivery is FREE within Wellington CBD

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What Else We Do

Customised Extras

We can custom build additional solutions for you, such as coffee carts. See our gallery for an example.

Recondition Machines

We take tired, clapped-out machines and give them some well deserved TLC. They emerge as born again machines ready to go again.

About Us

Espresso Tech is a small service-focussed espresso machine sales maintenance and repair company based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Our company is headed by Salvi Iovine, a passionate Italian who unsurprisingly has coffee, and an affinity for all things mechanical, running through his DNA.

Being passionate about what we do, and being able to help our clients in a timely manner are the core values that form the foundation of Espresso Tech.

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PO Box 26-095, Newlands, Wellington, 6442
Mobile 021-241-8817 | Phone 04-391-2741