Viviemme Domobar Super Espresso Machine

The best coffee machine for home espresso!

This authentic and stylish espresso machine is 100% made in Italy (since 1979) and re-engineered by Espresso Engineers for New Zealanders! Domobar espresso machines have a heat exchange to ensure a consistent 92° coffee temperature and the most powerful steam pressure in its class. For well balanced home espresso, full of flavour and aroma, together with thick velvety milk, giving you a flat white as good as you’ll get anywhere in the world.

Make no mistake; this is the ultimate at-home commercial espresso machine for those who really know their coffee. Built to last and made to deliver a perfect cup every time.

RRP $3,565


Dimensions  |  27cm (w) x 41cm (h) x 53cm (d)

Boiler Volume  |  2.7 Litres

Element  |  1800 watts

Water Tank Volume  |  2 Litres

Colour  |  Stainless Steel


  • E61 Group head designed by Carlo Valente
  • Incredible thermal stability to 10% of 1 degree – shot after shot
  • Switchable main water connection or water tank option
  • Brass rotary vane pump
  • Made entirely from commercial parts
  • Out-steams every espresso machine in its class


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